Quality everywhere!

DETONICS Europe is a Czech company ...

... specializing primarily in high quality products with high added value. The main goal of the Detonics brand is to offer absolutely uncompromising quality at affordable prices to a wide range of users. And since Detonics is a Czech brand, the major Detonics products are completely developed and manufactured in Europe - in the Czech and Slovak Republics!

We achieved the exceptional quality of Detonics products by combining intelligent 3D development, using only the finest materials, high-precision manufacturing and continuous physical testing in real-life by top professionals.

We achieve favorable prices for Detonics products by large-scale production in CNC machining centers and by minimizing associated costs of distribution and sales.

Principally, we do not use any cheap casts, airsoft accessories, Chinese substitutes and similar inferior tricks which can reduce the price at the expense of quality. Because the target group of Detonics customers are professionals and demanding sport shooters, so the used materials and technologies are fully corresponded to this focus. That is why all Detonics products are machined by a top-quality CNC method from monoblocks of first-class materials. The stressed duralumin parts are made of high quality materials of the 70xx series, which is the highest quality commercially available material.

Because we absolutely trust to our products, all Detonics products have an ultimate lifetime warranty for manufacturing and material defects. Any defective parts will not be repaired but replaced with new ones.*

* Please refer to the specific product manual for the exact terms of your lifetime warranty.

With the Detonics brand we have already achieved some notable firsts!

1. We first used a high-quality stainless steel "Supersteel" Series 400 for high powered muzzle brakes. Due to its quality, this steel is used for example in the knife production.

2. We first mass-started chemical blackening of stainless steel products. Until then, there was no mass produced blackened stainless steel muzzle brakes on the Czech market!

3. We have developed our own unique KeramiteTM darkening chemokinetic coating to blacken selected stainless steel muzzle brakes. This blackening delivers an attractive dark gray appearance along with even greater surface resistance.

4. We have produced a world-unique two-barrels percussion derringer with automatic firing pin selection.

We wish you 100% satisfaction with Detonics products!