Gladiator pistols with W209 cap!

This month we stocked the second generation of Gladiator pistols. What does it mean?

Dear customers, we have newly prepared the second generation of the Gladiator percussion pistols for you! Basically, the only, but really fundamental change is the newly used pistols for shotgun match W209.

Advantages of W209 caps:

1. Allows more comfortable and faster weapon charging.
2. Thanks to their closed construction, W209 matches guarantee very good resistance against humidity and grease.
3. Thanks to the larger initiation composition and modern construction of the W209 caps, they achieve practically 100% reliability of blackpowder activation, the reliability is at the level of common ammunition.
4. Matches very quickly ignite gunpowder in its entirety and thus significantly increase the performance of weapons with shorter barrels (gunpowder does not burn outside the barrel).
5. Caps seal much better in the piston and thus prevent the passage of hot gases to the firing pins. This prevents clogging of the weapon mechanism and further increases the reliability of the weapon without the need for cleaning.
6. When the trigger is pressed empty, without the caps on, the trigger will not cause the clash of firing pin with the piston,  these parts of the weapon will not be destroyed.

W209 matches are a big generational leap in the sphere of percussion pistols, which was made possible by the new arms law accepted in January 2021.

Petr Fabian

CEO Detonics Europe