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Aggressor Magnetiq kit II

Price: 12.0 Eur

Stock: Less than 5 pieces

For some tactical tasks, it is appropriate that the folding stock in the transported (folded) position was more securely secured to the body of the weapon. That's why we offer an improved Magnetiq Kit that elegantly solves this requirement.

Set for stronger fixing Tactical Spirit a Aggressor folding stock to the body of weapon including from special neodymium magnet in steel cylinder, aluminum holder and M4 mounting screws.

The steel cylinder amplifies the magnetic power of the magnet, provided there is direct contact between the magnet and the weapon body. The magnet in the steel cylinder has little distance effect, so it does not affect distant metal objects. Its design provides a holding power of up to 3.2 kg when fully in contact with the gun body.

The set is very easy to install by sliding it directly onto the stock tube. By sliding the duralumin bracket along the stock tube, a higher or lower contact power can be easily adjusted.