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Detonics 6X9 GRIM

Grim revolution! Unique six rounds pistol in 9 mm Flobert caliber

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Introducing our newest product - the Detonics 6X9 Grim pistol.

The Detonics 6x9 Grim 6-shot pistol surpasses traditional revolvers and magazine pistols with its unique mechanism that guarantees reliability and exceptional safety. The Detonics 6x9 Grim is manufactured with high-end CNC technology from high-quality materials and has undergone rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of durability and safety.

With a revolutionary trigger mechanism, ergonomic design and highly durable construction, the Detonics 6x9 Grim offers a unique combination of reliability, accuracy and user comfort. The Detonics 6x9 Grim is far more reliable in operation than any magazine loaded revolver or pistol. The gun is completely immune to external influences during handling. Unlike a revolver with a freely visible rotating cylinder or a pistol with a movable bolt, the Detonics 6x9 Grim pistol cannot be disabled by any pressure or grip from any side during critical use.

The Detonics 6x9 Grim, thanks to its simple mechanism without a magazine and external controls, guarantees that in an emergency you will have quick access to the necessary firepower by simply pressing the comfortably wide and safe trigger.

The Detonics 6x9 Grim pistol will surely become your ideal companion in the daily protection of yourself, your family and your property. Thanks to its compact size, the Detonics 6x9 Grim pistol is easily concealed in a pocket, purse or belt holster. No matter where you go, you can be sure that you have a reliable weapon with you that is available at a moment's notice should an emergency arise.

With an intelligent trigger mechanism and thanks to the built-in safety features, the Detonics 6x9 Grim is one of the safest and most reliable defensive weapons on the market and allows for a completely safe carry without the risk of failure or an unwanted shot.

It does not require  a firearms license (category C-I weapon) and is available for sale to any person over 18 years old lived in the Czech Republic. 


Detonics 6X9 GRIM set includes: 

Pistol Detonics 6X9 GRIM

Black grips "Chaos 2023" made of durable plastic

Long plastic grip end  

TX10 service screwdriver 

Transport plastic box 

Instructions for use CZ or EN

Gun type: Flobert six-shot pistol, "C-I" category

Caliber: 9 mm Flobert à balle and all simillar variants

Frame (material, surface): High strength duralumin 7075 T6 - hard black anodize

Barrel (material, surface): High quality steel, black nitride

Bore: Smooth, by the CIP norm

Trigger mechanism function: DAO - Double Action Only

Safety elements: Fully covered mechanism, spring loaded firing pins, hidden striker with drop safety, striking spring automatically stretched shortly before the shot, long trigger travel with high trigger weight

Net weight: 699 / 765 grams

Length of the barrel pack: 84 / 99 mm

Overall dimension (l/w/h): 154 / 169x25,5x132 mm (width in grips 27,5 mm)