Front handguard Tactical Spirit for Vz.58

Absolutely exceptional Tactical Spirit M2016 front handguard move Sa58 rifle to the top of the tactical guns. Inteligent construction, top material, wide modularity, modern design even high durability this front handguard overcomes every competitive products. 



Unique way to capture the botton handguard to the weapon with the vertical dividing plane solves all the usual problems with capture front handguard ti the Sa58. This industrial solution does not offer any other front handguard on the market! 

The extreme resistance and rigidity of the front handguard makes it suitable for professional use.

Modern, slim and very compact design according to professional requirements. The front handguard fluently follows the shape od the Sa58 rifle and gives a very balanced impression.  

The modular solution of the design of the front handguard allows to use a lot of side rails. You can use from very short rails to extremely extended rails. Rail combinations are almost unlimited. 

The front handguard is very strongly attached to the weapon and thanks to this it keeps the shot of the mounted optical sights and other elements mounted on the front handguard rails. 

Bottom handguard is fixed completely independently to the original anchorage points and does not touch the barrel (except for the area behind the cartridge chamber) thanks to it allows free vibrations mainly during the shot and also prevents the transfer of unwanted forces to the barrel (such as bipod, hand, padding, etc.), which greatly contributes to improving shooting accuracy and unity of the shot.

Front handguard very effectively dissipates the temperature from the barrel and allows faster cooling of the weapon after intensive shooting. Practical integrated air vents, which also help to remove flue gases from the piston, also contribute to better cooling. This makes it possible to use a rifle equipped with a Tactical Spirit front handguard as a firearm support weapon.


Made of mono block of 7075 T6 durable dural by CNC technology. (no casts) In short: The best available material machined by the best manufacturing technology!


Available in black color.


Note: There is a low accuracy of the manufacturing of Sa58, sometimes is necessary to use professional adjustment of product contact surfaces. We recommended to use the services of the professional gunsmith. This will prevent potential problems and ensure long and reliable function of the product. The professionally installed Detonics product is protected by a factory lifetime warranty.

Material: Duralumin 7075 T6