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Luxury leather holster C2 (clip)

For B, C1 a C2 series

Price: 23.6 Eur

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Quality gun needs quality holster. We made really luxury holster for you its made of the most valuable materials and the design is a top-class.


The form of the holster is designed for the Detonics Gladiator .45 SCP pistol - the template of the holster is made by the model of the gun. The holster is made of the top-quality and strong cow-hide and it is staple by fully synthetic extra reinforced thread. The seam is doubled on the exposed parts. The retaining strap is equipped with a high expansion force snap fastener. 


The holster is partially self-locking, with embossments in the shape of a weapon. It fully covers the barrel and the most of the gun, but the whole handle is freely available. Thanks to this the holster allows easy and quick take out of the gun. 


This version of the holster is equipped with a steel wire clip that does not abrade the belt and at the same time allows easy removal (for example - when driving in a car). It can also be used without a belt - the holster can be hung by a trouser belt, pocket, etc.


Compatibility with the premium pistols B, C1, C2 series.

Made in CZ - hand saddlery work!

Material: Cow leather