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MagMax - magnetic gun holder

Must have for all shooters!

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Do you have a mess in your safe? Do you have guns and magazines lying around? Our new product is exactly for you - the MagMax magnetic holder for weapons and magazines!

Its installation is amazingly simple. Just "snap" it onto any magnetic surface and you're done! For owners of non-metallic safes, there is also the option of attaching the MagMax holder using screws or bolts (must be purchased separately). The mounting magnet of the holder is 30% stronger than the magnet holding the weapon. Therefore, there is no risk of the holder breaking off together with the weapon.

The recommended carrying capacity of the MagMax holder is one kilogram vertically to the holder, but the magnet used has a tear-off force of 7.5 kg, so the holder also has a solid safety margin (the shear load may be lower depending on the surface characteristics of the weapon).

The MagMax holder is made of plastic and the neodymium magnets used are covered with rubber, so there is no risk of scratching the metal surfaces of the attached weapons.

MagMax is available in several colors for easy and quick identification of attached weapons (eg loaded/unloaded).

MagMax is available in single packs as well as discounted two and four packs.

Made in the Czech Republic

Contents of the unit package:

MagMax magnetic holder
nylon rope
transport packaging - blister

Material: Plastic

Magnet: Neodymium, fully covered by rubber

Max tensile load: 1 kg