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Multi-purpose knife RAID ONE Red

FIRST LIMITED 50 PCS EDITION! Universal combat compact for everyday use.

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Michael callsign BalooWhen you're a fighter pilot, you don't miss many things in the cockpit. Everything is in its place and everything works as it should. But when you're a struggling fighter pilot, you quickly find that you're missing a lot of essentials. And one of the most essential is a good knife. That's why Michael, call sign "Baloo", a combat and test pilot with rich experience from critical missions in Europe and Asia, designed a knife that should meet many requirements and face many challenges that are put before it.

Thus Raid One was born. A knife that is designed by its own user. A knife that is a combination of a fighting and working knife. A knife that is equipped with a whole range of useful gadgets. A knife that has a great grip, great control and is so compact that in its angled sheath it does not get in the way even when carried in tight spaces. Raid One is simply the ultimate solution for the fighter pilot. And not just for him...

Advantages of the Raid One knife

The entire knife is a so-called Fulltang construction with uninterrupted rigidity and is completely milled using CNC technology

The blade of the knife is made of high-quality, tough stainless steel 1.4034, with a thickness of 6 mm, which meets a wide range of requirements for a combat knife. Ease of maintenance, good grindability, stability and quality of the blade and, last but not least, high resistance to bending, twisting and shocks. The blade is sandblasted multiple times to reduce glare and then precisely honed by hand

The original anatomical handle is milled from pressed G10 laminate and is screwed to the knife with robust Torx screws. The handle design ensures a very firm and secure grip. Thanks to the integrated eye for the index finger, it is very difficult to knock the knife out of your hand in a fight

High-quality sheath with slanted knife storage at an angle of 45 degrees and a rubber spring for storing the Firesteel is made of honest cowhide

The knife is equipped with additional integrated multifunctional equipment:
Breaker of tempered glass and car glass
1/4" screwdriver bit holder
Wide screwdriver for easy adjustment of optical and other devices
Scraping surface for firesteel with a sharp scraping edge and a guide in the groove
Beer bottle opener
Boxer for one finger
Paracord holes for easy use of the knife as a spear tip

The Detonics Raid One knife is completely made in the Czech Republic and has a lifetime warranty for the first owner!

Overall knife length: 205 mm

Blade length: 80 mm

Knife weight without case: 271 grams

Weight of the knife with the sheath: 360 grams

Blade material: Stainless steel 1.4034

Material of metal parts: Steel

Handle material: pressed G10 laminate

Sheath: High quality cow leather