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Muzzle brake Extrema III. Military 762

Thread: M14x1L (left)

Price: 47.6 Eur

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Premium stainless muzzle brake of third generation developed for Sa58 rifle and its clones and for AK weapons type. 

Combining six-stream technology from the Extrema II and the improved geometry of the Extrema® for IPSC, the ultra compact and powerful brake for versatile use is created. It is developed for extremely effective reduction of recoil and stroke and for overall calming of weapon. Extraordinary braking surface of combustion gasses have a very effective effect against the weapon's return movement. In cooperation with G3 telescopic gun-stock or Tactical Spirit folding stock mounted  in the axis of barrel, it guarantees extraordinary comfort of shooting and it is really the most perfect and the most powerful brakes for Sa58.



Allows you to perfectly control your weapon in quick double shots or in batch fire.

Despite its compact size, this brake performs exceptional performance.

The upper compensation holes can be easily enlarged (with a standard stainless steel drill bit) for individualisation or increased stroke compensation.

Improved bayonet mounting surface for maximum brake compactness.


Muzzle brake is made of quality corrosion resistant steel and it si supplies chemically blackened.


Muzzle brake is ready for montage of original Sa58 bayonets even modern Detonics PIRAD 2014, CZ805 Bren, US M-9, US USMC knives (for use of modern bayonets is only necessary to buy the end Bayonet Lug).  


We supply even the set of spacer liners 0,3-0,5 mm for easy montage of muzzle brake on the weapon.

Thread: M14x1L (left)

Material: Stainless steel

Maximum size: 26x50 mm