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Muzzle brake MIC-H2 556

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Muzzle brake MIC-H2 556 is high quality all-steel muzzle brake in popular American design, but it is significantly improved for better performance and user comfort. Break is designed for AR-15, M16, M4 rifles and for other guns with a thread on the barrel 1/2 "x28 in .223Rem caliber.


Detonics MIC-H2 556 muzzle brake is high-performance universal brake for every shooters who require perfect control of the weapon and very low recoil. Six-hole technology with three directional expansion chambers, which one is open upwards and with truly functional braking surfaces, has a very effective anti-kickback effect, greatly reducing the stroke of the weapon and providing the user with perfect shooting comfort.


Advantages of Detonics MIC-HI 556 muzzle brake:

Allows you to perfectly control your weapon in quick double shots or in batch fire. The residual pulse is spread over a longer period of time and is so-called soft.

The rear brake chamber is more open upwards and it is effective against the stroke of the weapon.

Thanks to the three-chamber design, this brake has very good performances. The classic American design with added value of Czech designers underline extraordinary functional brake quality. 

The brake is suitable for weapons with any length of barrel, caliber in the ideal range of 4.5 - 6 mm and power circuit .223 Rem.


Muzzle brake is made of quality steel and it si supplies chemically blackened.

For easy mounting of the brake with 1/2 "x28 TPI thread on the gun we recommend to buy a crushing washer" Crush Washer “.

Thread: 1/2"x28 TPI

Material: strength steel

Maximum size: 24x58 mm