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PIRAD Gen3 Survival Edition

Multi purpose battle and working knife. Now for everywhere!

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The Detonics PIRAD Survival Edition is not just an ordinary knife. It is the perfect combination of a combat knife and a multipurpose work tool. PIRAD 2015 Gen3 was created in response to the demanding requirements of the armed forces calling for a single universal knife suitable for any situation. In short, a multipurpose combat knife usable as a survival tool and as a classic assault knife.


Therefore, PIRAD Gen3 Survival Edition is very robust to withstand the workload required by a modern "survival" knife.

Therefore, it has the perfect offensive geometry of the blade and logical handle ergonomics to be the extended arm of the fighter in every kind of combat.

Therefore, it has an overall rigid construction and a reinforced blade almost to the tip to be very durable in any situation.

The blade of the knife is made of high-quality, tough stainless steel 1.4034, which meets a wide range of military knife requirements. Easy maintenance, good grindability, stability and quality of the blade and last but not least high resistance to bending, torsion and impact. The blade is sandblasted multiple times to reduce glare and then precisely handmade sharpened.


The PIRAD Survival Edition comes with a durable universal case made of quality genuine leather, a stainless steel guard and a duralumin grip head. The case is equipped with a belt loop and lower eye for the thigh strap. Thanks to the triple safety of the knife, the sheath allows for a very safe carry.


The Detonics PIRAD Gen3 Survival Edition is completely developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic!

Total lenght: 335 mm

Blade lenght: 205 mm

Weight without sheath: 455 grams

Weight with sheath: xxx grams

Blade material: Stainless steel 1.4034

Material of other metal parts: Stainless steel 1.4034, 306L and duralumin 7075

Grip material: Glass-filled polymer