Rear STANAG rail for Aggressor stock

If for some reason you are not satisfied with placing the collimator on the forend, we have a solution for you!


Detonics Auxiliary Rail for placing light collimators (eg Aimpoint Micro, Trijicon MRO) above the breech cover is an excellent, high-quality yet extremely cost-effective alternative to aftermarket blown breech covers!


Robust, rigid but very lightweight construction.

Weight: Incredible 41 grams, which overwhelmingly (by hundreds of grams) outperforms any other overhead rail solutions and thus keeps one of the amazing advantages of the Sa58 rifle - very light weight!

Rail does not extend laterally. Its width is nowhere greater than that of a weapon!

Rail is transparent, it is possible to use the original rifle sights in an emergency even with mounted rail!

Rail is mounted on the auxiliary rail integrated at the base of the stock Tactical Spirit or Aggressor. Rail can only be mounted on a weapon equipped with these types of stock! If you own an older stock of Tactical Spirit or Aggressor without auxiliary rail, we are able to supply this part (steel stock base) separately. Please specify in the order or select a suitable variant in the e-shop.


Note: for maximum lifetime of rail and collimator optics we recommend fitting a weapon with an effective compensator Detonics.

Material: Durable aluminum 7075 T6, fully CNC milled (no castings!)

Surface: black anodized

Rail length: 5 full-size slots

Weight: 41 grams

Load capacity of rail: 120 grams