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F1 CQB telescopic stock

Top stock of special units in high-tech design!

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Designed specifically for the microshotgun F1! It features an extremely rigid and robust construction and a super-fast extension!

Material: Combination stained stainless steel, steel and durable alloy 7075 T6, fully CNC machined (no castings!)

Surface: black anodized

Very rugged but compact construction (12 mm steel rod diameter).

One-button release.

Maximum extension length 250 mm.

On the assembly cube are two practical loops for strap installation.

In the retracted state, the stock is only slightly fixed to allow a quick ejection without the use of a button.

The stock can be extended in the time horizon of tenths of a second !!!

The stock has three length positions.

1. The CQB position (180 mm) enables super-rapid ejection in tenths of a second and can be used in very confined spaces.

2. The Tactical (210 mm) position allows the user to use the tactical vest comfortably.

3. SNIPER position (250 mm) allows comfortable general shooting.

On the mounting cube there are two M8 holes for attaching accessories (rails, optics, enlarged belt loops, etc.).

Designed for right-handed and left-handed users!

This set includes:

Complete telescopic stock
Mounting screw M8

Material: Duralumin 7075 T6 and steel