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Muzzle brake Supermini Titanium 762

Price: 39.6 Eur

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Muzzle brake Supermini 762 is designed like extremely compact muzzle with combines some special advantages: 

  1. Very short and very compact construction of muzzle.
  2. Strong braking function with the possibility of tuning of the stroke compensation performance.
  3. Unique possibility of deployment every modern US even CZ bayonets without some adjustment.
  4. Extraordinary low weight. Only 32 grams. 
  5. Absolute corrosion resistance and chemical inertia due to the unique properties of titanium.


Muzzle brake is made of titanium alloy Gr. 5 and it is supplies in color of metal (silver grey).

Muzzle brake is ready for montage of original Sa58 bayonets even modern Detonics PIRAD 2014, CZ805 Bren, US M-9, US USMC knives (for use of modern bayonets is only necessary to buy the end Bayonet Lug).  

We supply even the set of spacer liners 0,3-0,5mm for easy montage of muzzle brake on the weapon.  

Thread: M14x1 RH (right)

Material: Titanium alloy Gr.5

Weight: 32 g

Maximum size: 23 x 36 mm