Gladiator .500 HD T1 Titanium Limited Edition

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Inspired by the success of the Detonics Gladiator compact pistols, we present the world-unique series of Gladiator micro-compact shotguns. They are manufactured with the same first-class technology as our pistols and use basically the same internal mechanism, which has been reworked and further improved for the needs of these weapons. This makes them very reliable and easy to use. The shotguns in the basic configuration are equipped with three Stanag 4694 rails with the additional option of installing short side rails. They can also be equipped with fixed and folding stocks, including AR-type stocks and equipped with a wide range of rail accessories.

Pistol or carbine desing? Technically, all models are identical. The only difference is the absence of the stock in the pistol design. This design is interesting for users who want to choose from our offer of additional stocks, or equip their weapon with their own stock.

Basic or Professional model? The weapons in Basic or Professional models are always technically the same. For the basic model, we packed only the essentials to keep the price of the weapon as low as possible. Nevertheless, you can fully use even the basic model without any problems. For the Professional model, we have added a lots of really useful things to the equipment, which are also in this set for a good price.

All shotgun models are mainly coated with KeramiteTM with a lifespan of 1,000,000 shots (this is one of the most perfect surfaces used on weapons) and a lifetime warranty on the entire weapon.

In the percussion version, shotguns do not require a firearms license (category C-I weapon) and are freely available to self-employed persons over 18 years of age lived in the Czech Republic.