Gladiator .500 HD T1 Titanium Limited Edition

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Many people interested in a new weapon are not sure which variant to choose?

Appropriate caliber weapons for self-defense? In general, the larger the caliber, the higher the weapon's performance. Both the .45 ”and .50” percussion calibers and the .410 x 63.5 mm ammunition are very powerful and fully suitable for self-defense. The 9 mm Flobert caliber is suitable, thanks to its lower power, for defense only to a limited extent. Caliber 6 mm Flobert is good for shooting training, it is completely unsuitable for defense.

Design with shorter or longer barrel? We offer some types of pistols with different barrel lengths. Technically, these models are identical. The version with a shorter barrel is more compact and suitable for concealed carrying, while the version with a longer barrel achieves slightly higher performance (see instructions for use).

Most pistol models have a mainly KeramiteTM finish with a lifespan of up to 1,000,000 shots (this is one of the most perfect surfaces used on weapons) and a lifetime warranty on the entire weapon.

In the percussion and Flobert version, the pistols do not require a firearms license (category C-I weapon) and are freely available to independent persons over 18 years of age lived in the Czech Republic.