Warranty Information and Registration


To the first buyer we provide on this weapon the lifetime warranty on production and material defects. The defective gun will be repaired or replaced free of charge. 
At the Black Powder barrels we provide separate warranty 1 000 000 (one million) shots to the bore abrasion out of tolerance.
The warranty does not cover the damage caused by improper assembly or improper use and it is limited by the number of 10 000 shots, respectively 1 000 000 ran for separate warranty of the Black Powder barrels, with appropriate ammunition in the hardness of lead and recommended charge.
The warranty also does not apply to aesthetic defects in surface coating and natural wear and tear and parts having of course shorter working life than the working life of the whole weapon. Specifically this are springs, firing pins, percussion nipples and part that are exposed to strikes and strokes. 
For granting the lifetime warranty you have to complete the registration form, which is included with the product and send it back to the weapon producer. You can also complete the registration form at www.detonics.com.


The producer disclaims ANY liability for injury or damage arising in any way (concerning death or injury) as a result of improper or incorrect use of the weapon.  Every person using this weapon or participating in any activity related to the use of this weapon may do so only on clear understanding of the condition that do so at own risk.
The producer disclaims ANY liability for the parts that were not supplied by the producer, or have been delivered by him, but were not professionally mounted by the producer or incensed service centre, which was entitled to this on the basis of written agreement with the producer. The producer disclaims ANY responsibility for the service works that have not been performed by the producer.