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Gladiator .500 HD F2 Carbine Professional

2nd generation of the unique double-shot percussion microshotgun in .500 Black Powder caliber w/ AR stock and W209 primers

Price: 639.6 Eur

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Inspired by the success of the Gladiator compact pistols, this year we presented the world's unique series of Gladiator micro-compact shotguns. They are manufactured with the same high-end technology as our pistols and they use the same internal mechanism. This makes them very reliable and easy to use. The shotguns are standardly equipped with three Stanag 4694 rails with the another option of installing short side rails. They can also be equipped with fixed and folding stock, including the AR stock.

Now, 2nd Gen. of our microshotgun is equipped of W209 primers. This primers offers perfect resistance from dirt and moisture. They significantly increase the overall reliability and performance of the weapon.

Detonics Gladiator .500 HD F2 set includes: 

Percussion shotgun Detonics Gladiator .500HD F2 with basic telescopic AR stock (w/o folding), without additional mounted accessories

Black grips made of durable plastic (mounted)

Colored grips (“Desert Storm”) made of durable plastic 

Detonics piston wrench 

Detonics ramrod - brass

Detonics cleaning set 

Oil spray Ballistol or Motorex 

Detonics spare parts set (“O” container rings, screws, spacers)

TX10 service screwdriver 

Transport paper box 

Instructions for use CZ or EN

Gun type: Percussion double-shot pistol, "C-I" category

Caliber, primers type: .50 (12,7 mm), shotgun primers W209 or equivalent

Frame (material, color): High strength duralumin 7075 T6 - hard black anodize

Barrel (material, color, type): High quality steel - hard carbonitride, smooth bore

Trigger mechanism function: DAO - Double Action Only

Safety elements: Fully covered primers with directive venting, spring loaded firing pins, hidden strikers, striking spring automatically stretched shortly before the shot, long trigger travel with high trigger weight

Net weight: 1965 grams (without stock)

Length of the barrel pack: 260 mm

Overall dimension (l/w/h): 343x30x158 mm (without stock)